See Kesko's responsibility programme

Anne Leppälä-Nilsson

Group General Counsel, Senior Vice President, Kesko Corporation

1. Responsible operator Our responsible operating practices guide all our employees in the eight countries in which we operate. Financial profitability and good corporate governance create the basis for our operations. We develop our multi-channel store network listening to the expectations of our customers. Read more...

Timo Huurtola

Uusimaa District Director, Kesko Corporation

2. For the benefit of the community Kesko and K-stores participate in local life. Retailers know the local community and the needs of customers. We include local products in our selections. We build our society together with our customers, employees and partners. Read more...

Jennie Stenbom

HR Director, Rautakesko Ltd

3.Working community We offer meaningful and varied jobs and development opportunities. We want to be the most attractive working place in the trading sector, with satisfied employees and competent supervisors. We look after our employees throughout their careers. Read more...

Satu Mali

Buyer, K-citymarket Oy and Anttila Oy

4. Responsible purchasing and sales We bear our responsibility for the safety and quality of the products we sell. We work to ensure responsibility of our supply chain. We provide customers with information and support for responsible purchasing decisions. Read more...

Arto Rasi

Marketing Manager, Intersport Finland Ltd

5. Wellbeing for customers We develop electronic services and make customers’ lives easier. We offer products and services that promote health and wellbeing. We make responsible actions visible and easy for customers. Read more...

Jari Suuronen

Manager, Engineering, Kesko Food Ltd

6. Mitigation of climate change We participate in the mitigation of the progress of climate change and promote the sustainable use of natural resources. We recover waste generated in our operations and reduce food wastage. We also help our customers to reduce their impact on the environment. Read more...

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